About the artist

Anders Jonsson is my name, born in 1966 and presently living in an old Västerbottensgård (an old house typical of the region) with part of the house built in 1639 situated in the small village of Norum north of Umeå, northern Sweden. In my landscape painting I collect inspiration from nature and shifts in temper and moods given by different seasons through the year. Contrasts and light or minimalistic variations - unity, is a driving force in my creation. I'm also inspired by numerous early 20th century artists. For example Helmer Osslund, Karl Tirén, Anders Zorn and Tom Thomson but also e.g., Ivan Aguéli.

I also paint abstract motives. These are often formed by a sense, a desire to paint in a certain color or to express a certain feeling. And I'm faschinated by the unknown and in-comprehencable, which also is reflected in the abstract paintings.

I have a studio in in my house, which I'm presently are rebuilding. Having a studio have inspired me to a more productive painting. To be in the studio means to disconnect from all other thoughts about the job or other things. It becomes a safe room in the present.

Eductation in art:
I started to paint in 1986 in an evenging course in Luleå with Rickard "Ricky" Sandberg. In 1987 I also took two inspiring semesters of ABF-evening courses in Umeå with Katarina Söderdahl. Otherwise I'm self-thought, but far from beeing fully educated. I mainly paint with oil-colors, mostly because of its ability to create a luminicence which I can't master with other techniques. I'm still learning to paint with gouache colors. Since 2007 I also paint more with gouache that you also can see in my production.In 2010 I took a course in aquarell painiting with Marianne Sandström from Galleri Paletten in Umeå. A course in which we tried a lot of different techniques.

  •  2 times at group-exhibitions for students at the university in Umeå
  •  Café Björksta in Umeå 1990
  •  The art club at Hagaskolan in Umeå 1996
  •  Abisko turist station (link) 2001
  •  The spring exhibition (Vårsalong) 2008, Konstfrämjandet (link), Umeå
  •  Art at the mill (Konst i Kvarn) in Vindeln 2008
  •  Galleri Paletten (link) 2009
  •  Abisko turist station 2009
  •  Konst i Kvarn i Vindeln 2009
  •  Arte Julbasar 2010
  •  Leia (länk)2010
  •  Café Broberg 2012

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